Moroccan Mystic Vibes… reflection of our own authenticity.

in Nov 21, 2023

Inspired in the Moroccan Mystic Vibes, our fabric encapsulates the city's enchanting vibe, infusing a touch of its cultural richness and allure. While one might imagine a colorful and vibrant fabric when thinking of this enchanting country, ours, in timeless black and white, mirrors the authenticity and impactful presence found in Moroccan culture— embodying colors true to themselves, reflecting our own authenticity, just as these colors do.

The distinctive pattern art, a repetition of a unique mashrabiya ( decorative geometric patterns, often found in windows, balconies, or fencing that provide privacy while allowing ventilation and light to pass through) of Moroccan culture, stands apart with a captivating presence, not seeking attention but commanding it with subtle magnetism and refined distinctiveness.

It's a textile that encourages us to embrace our distinctiveness while staying true to oneself.



When visiting any place

— Leave judgement away. Give yourself the opportunity to immerse in cultural love, peace and enjoyment. Always respect the locals, support their art and  savor the rich experiences that they can offer.